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Definition of " harika " in Turkish Dictionary
Direct results
Turkish » English
  • {A} wonderful, marvellous, marvelous, fabulous, gorgeous, fantastic, fantastical, yummy, beautiful, bully, cool, corking, divine, far-out, groove: in the groove, groovy, immense, jolly good, keen, mean: no mean, old, phenomenal, prodigious, ripping, scrumptious, splendid, swell, wicked, wizard, wondrous
  • {N} miracle, wonder, marvel, phenomenon, prodigy, whizz
Indirect results
Turkish » English
harika bir şey
  • {N} affair: wanderful affair
harika çocuk
  • {N} wonder child, boy wonder, whiz kid, whizz kid, child prodigy, infant prodigy, phenomenon: infant phenomenon, prodigy infant
harika insan
  • {N} pippin
harika şekilde
  • {ADV} wondrously
harika şey
  • {N} miracle, hot stuff, dream: a perfect dream, stunner, groove, pippin
harikalar diyarı
  • {N} wonderland
harikalar yaratan
  • {A} wonder-working
harikalar yaratan kimse
  • {N} wizard, wonder-doer, wonder-worker
harikalar yaratmak
  • {V} wonder: do wonders, wonder: work wonders
mucizeler ve harikalar
  • {N} sign: signs and wonders