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Definition of " Tamam " in Turkish Dictionary
Direct results
Turkish » English
  • {A} complete, done, finished, mature
  • {ADV} exactly, precisely, according to Hoyle
Indirect results
Turkish » English
başarı ile tamamlamak
  • {V} put across
başarıyla tamamlanmış
  • {A} buttoned up
birbirini tamamlayan unsurlar
  • {N} vitals
birbirinin tamamen zıttı olmak
  • {V} pole: be poles apart
bu iş tamam!
  • {INTRJ} care: that takes care of that!
çişini tutamama
  • {N} incontinence
eksikleri tamamlamak
  • {V} restock
gelişimini tamamlamış böcek
  • {N} imago
gülmesini tutamama
  • {N} snicker, snigger
gülmesini tutamamak
  • {V} snicker, snigger, laughing: not to be able to help laughing
idrarını tutamama
  • {N} enuresis
iskeleti tamamlanmış
  • {A} framed
kendini tutamama
  • {N} incontinence
öğrenimini tamamlamayan kimse
  • {N} dropout
öğrenimini tamamlamış kimse
  • {N} licentiate
şimdi tamam!
  • {INTRJ} aha!
stoğu tamamlamak
  • {V} restock
tamam olarak
  • {ADV} maturely
  • {INTRJ} O.K.!, OK!, okay!, all right!, alright!, deal: it's a deal!, done!, yeah!, agreed!, roger!, righto!, rightoh!, right: that's all right!
  • {ADV} completely, entirely, fully, exactly, properly, thoroughly, wholly, perfectly, precious, absolutely, all, altogether, bang, bang-on, chock, clean, clear, dead, definitely, degree: in the highest degree, downright, fair, heart and soul, hilt: up to the hilt, hollow, hopelessly, in toto, large: at large, neck and crop, off, out and out, outright, plenty, quite, richly, roundly, sheer, simply, staringly, stark, thro, through, through and through