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Definition of " hace " in Spanish Dictionary
Direct results
Spanish » English
  • {A} ago
  • {ADV} ago
Indirect results
Spanish » English
acusar a alguien de hacer algo
  • {V} accuse smb. of doing smth.
afanarse por hacer
  • {V} slog away
alcanzar a hacer algo
  • {V} manage
animarse a hacer algo
  • {V} nerve, nerve oneself to do smth.
batidora para hacer puré
  • {N} potato masher
capacitar a uno para hacer algo
  • {V} enable smb. to do smth.
comprometerse a hacer algo
  • {V} engage oneself to do smth., pledge oneself to do smth.
conceder a alguien el privilegio de hacer algo
  • {V} privilege smb. to do smth.
  • {V} imitate, take off, counterfeit, fake, forge
cosa muy fácil de hacer
  • {N} pushover
cuando hace falta
  • {PHR} require: when required
decidir hacer algo
  • {V} determine to do smth., mind: have in mind
dejar de hacer algo
  • {V} fail to do smth., quit, leave off, halt: call a halt
desear hacer
  • {V} desire to do
  • {V} undo, break, break up, throw over, tear, tear up, leak, unpack, smash
deshacer a
  • {V} dismantle, disentangle, crumple
  • {V} break up, piece: fall to pieces, fall apart, make away with, throw off, come apart, dispose of, palm
deshacerse de
  • {V} dispense with, rid: get rid of, dump, slough off, give away, part with, lose, freeze out, pack off
deshacerse de un rato
  • {V} shake off, put off, dispose of
deshacerse de un vicio
  • {ID} kick the habit