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Definition of " vieux " in French Dictionary
Direct results
French » English
  • {A} old, olden, aged, outdated, out-of-date, ancient, aging, cogged, doddery, obsolete, wintry, winterly, long in the tooth, grey-haired
  • {N} old man, dodderer, gaffer, colonist,
Indirect results
French » English
assez vieux
  • {A} oldish
bon vieux John
  • {N} good old John
climat pluvieux
  • {N} rainy weather
déjà vieux
  • {A} stale
devenir vieux
  • {V} old: get old, old: grow old, gray: go gray
drôle de vieux bonhomme
  • {N} codger
  • {A} envious, green-eyed
être dans ses vieux jours
  • {V} dotage: be in one's dotage
Il se fait vieux.
  • {PHR} elderly: He's getting elderly.
Je voudrais voir les vieux quartiers de la ville.
  • {PHR} quarter: I would like to see the town's old quarters.
mon vieux
  • {N} pal
  • {A} rainy, showery, soppy, weeping, wet
qui a une odeur de vieux
  • {A} musty
se faire vieux
  • {V} get along, old: become old, get on with smth., grey: go grey
très vieux
  • {A} old-world
vieux bonze
  • {N} fogey
vieux clou
  • {N} crock
vieux coquin
  • {N} son of a gun
vieux jeu
  • {A} musty
vieux libertin
  • {N} old rioter