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Definition of " dépassé " in French Dictionary
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  • {A} outdated, out-of-date, old-fashioned, passe, obsolete, outworn, musty, stale
Indirect results
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Cela dépasse mes connaissances.
  • {PHR} ken: That's beyond my ken.
cela me dépasse
  • {PHR} beat: that beats me
  • {N} overtaking, passing, exceeding, excess, violation
dépassements budgétaires
  • {N} overspending
dépassements de crédits
  • {N} overspending
  • {V} pass, pass along, past: go past, overshoot, overrun, run over, overpass, exceed, overstep, outrun, overtake, poke, outdistance, beat in, better, surpass, cover, criss-cross, jut, leapfrog, lick, outbalance, outstrip, outrank, outweigh, pace, rise, top, protrude, tread over
dépasser le but
  • {V} overshoot the mark
dépasser les bornes
  • {V} excess, far: go too far, overstep the line, pass a limit
dépasser les limites
  • {V} excess, pale: go beyond the pale
dépasser les mesures
  • {V} overdo, overstep
dépasser qch
  • {V} stick out beyond smth.
dépasser son crédit
  • {V} overdraw
dépasser son niveau
  • {V} power: go beyond one's powers
Interdit de dépasser
  • {PHR} passing: No passing
s'efforcer de dépasser
  • {V} race
se dépasser
  • {V} surpass, excel