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Definition of " possession " in French English Dictionary
  • {N} possession, holding, ownership
arrêt des possessions
  • {N} entail
  • {N} dispossession, deprivation, ouster
entrée en possession
  • {N} accession
entrer en possession
  • {V} possession: come in possession, repossess, accede
instinct de possession
  • {N} acquisitive instinct
instinct de possession très développé
  • {N} acquisitive nature
être en possession
  • {V} possess, possession: be in possession
être en possession de toutes ses facultés
  • {V} possession: be in possession of all one's faculties
  • {N} possession: possessions, belonging: belongings, chattel, dominion, estate
possessions personnelles
  • {N} personal belongings
prendre possession
  • {V} possess, possession: take possession of
possession de terre
  • {N} demesne
rentrer en possession
  • {V} regain possession
reprendre possession de
  • {V} repossess
reprise de possession
  • {N} repossession
vendre tous ses possessions
  • {V} sell up