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Definition of " amoureux " in French English Dictionary
  • {A} amorous, enamoured (Brit.), enamored, fond, love: in love, amatory, amative
  • {N} lover, sweetheart, follower, suitor
éperdument amoureux de qn
  • {A} madly in love
être amoureux
  • {V} enamour (Brit.), enamor
amoureux de la nature
  • {N} nature lover
amoureux fervent
  • {A} enamoured (Brit.), enamored, gone, infatuated
disposition à tomber amoureux
  • {N} amativeness
ébats amoureux
  • {N} lovemaking
  • {A} glamorous
tomber amoureux
  • {V} fall for, love: fall in love, heart: lose one's heart, heart: lose one's heart to smb.
tomber amoureux de
  • {V} love: fall in love with