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Definition of " fail " in English Chinese (Simpl.) Dictionary
fail Hear the Pronunciation! {feıl}
  • {N} 垮台, 失败, 失利, 挫折
  • {V} 舍弃, 败, 失败, 失效, 倒, 失, 告吹, 不及格, 衰退, 辜负, 不遂, 砸, 砸锅, 挫
business failure
  • {N} 企业倒闭
crop failure
  • {N} 荒, 荒歉, 饥, 饥荒, 饥荒, 饥馑, 歉, 歉收
failing Hear the Pronunciation! {'feılıŋ}
  • {A} 缺短的, 衰退的, 缺少的
  • {N} 弱点, 差错, 错误, 失利, 挫折, 过失
  • {PREP} 因为缺乏
fail in one's duty
  • {V}
faille {faıl}
  • {N} 罗缎
fail to accomplish a mission
  • {V} 辱名
fail to appreciate smb.'s kindness
  • {V} 不识抬举
fail to carry out an assignment
  • {V} 交白卷
fail to do one's duty
  • {V} 渎职
fail to go up to the next grade
  • {V} 留级
fail to grasp the main points
  • {V} 不得要领
fail to keep an appointment
  • {V} 失约
fail to keep one's promise
  • {V} 背约
fail to live up to expectations
  • {V} 不争气
fail to make a decision when one should
  • {V} 当断不断
fail to materialize
  • {V} 不遂
fail to meet a guest
  • {V} 失迎
fail to see the larger issues
  • {V} 不识大体
fail to understand
  • {V} 不明
failure Hear the Pronunciation! {'feıljər}
  • {N} 败, 挫折, 失败, 失利, 事故
end in failure
  • {V}
power failure
  • {N} 停电
shoot with unfailing accuracy
  • {V} 百发百中
situation after the failure of an undertaking
  • {N} 残局
Failure is the mother of success
  • {PHR} 失败是成功之母
success or failure
  • {N} 胜败, 胜负