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Definition of " acupuncture " in English Chinese (Simpl.) Dictionary
acupuncture Hear the Pronunciation! {'ækjə,pʌŋktʃər}
  • {N} 砭, 针, 针刺
give an acupuncture treatment
  • {V} 扎针
have an acupuncture treatment
  • {V} 扎针
reinforcing and reducing methods in acupuncture
  • {N} 补泻
reinforcing method in acupuncture
  • {N} 补法
acupuncture anesthesia
  • {N} 针刺麻醉
acupuncture needle
  • {N} 毫针
acupuncture point
  • {N} 穴位
acupuncture treatment
  • {N} 针刺疗法
nose-acupuncture therapy
  • {N} 鼻针疗法