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Definition of " beginning " in Chinese (Trad.) Dictionary
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beginning Hear the Pronunciation! {bı'gınıŋ}
  • {A} 開始
  • {N} 開始, 初, 初期, 開頭, 起頭, 發端, 始, 開端, 頭, 緒
Indirect results
English » Chinese (Trad.)
at the beginning
  • {ADV}
before the beginning of smth.
  • {ADV} 開始以前
beginning an action
  • {N} 起來
beginning and end
  • {N} 始末, 首尾
beginning of a decade
  • {N} 年代初
beginning of an age
  • {N} 年代初
beginning of an era
  • {N} 紀元
beginning of autumn
  • {N} 立秋
beginning of spring
  • {N} 立春
beginning of summer
  • {N} 立夏
beginning of summer heat
  • {N} 數伏
beginning of the school year
  • {N} 始業
beginning of the year
  • {N} 年初
beginning of winter
  • {N} 立冬
beginning of winter frost
  • {N} 數九
beginning period
  • {N} 初期
beginning student
  • {N} 初學者
from beginning to end
  • {ADV} 始終, 首尾, 元元本本, 原原本本
in the beginning
  • {ADV} 起初, 起頭, 起先
leave out the beginning and the end
  • {V} 掐頭去尾