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Definition of " anything " in Chinese (Trad.) Dictionary
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anything Hear the Pronunciation! {'enı,ɵıŋ}
  • {PRON} 無論何事, 諸
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anything but reassuring
  • {A} 不妙
Anything else?
  • {PHR} 還要別的嗎?
anything small and roundish
  • {A} 顆粒
Did you choose anything?
  • {PHR} 你選上任何東西了嗎?
Do you have anything cheaper?
  • {PHR} 您有更便宜的東西嗎?
Do you have anything larger?
  • {PHR} 您有更大的東西嗎?
Do you have anything longer?
  • {PHR} 您有更長的東西嗎?
Do you have anything more expensive?
  • {PHR} 您有更貴的東西嗎?
Do you have anything of better quality?
  • {PHR} 您有質量更好的東西嗎?
Do you have anything shorter?
  • {PHR} 您有更短的東西嗎?
Do you have anything smaller?
  • {PHR} 您有更小的東西嗎?
Do you have anything to declare?
  • {PHR} 你有任何東西要申報嗎?
I haven't seen anything.
  • {PHR} 我什麼也沒有看到。
Is there anything better?
  • {PHR} 有更好的房間嗎?
Is there anything cheaper?
  • {PHR} 有更便宜的房間嗎?
Is there anything less expensive?
  • {PHR} 有不貴的房間嗎?
Is there anything special you'd like to see?
  • {PHR} 你想看任何特別的地方嗎?
sell anything
  • {V} 無所不賣
We can't do anything with it.
  • {PHR} 我們不能修這個。