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Definition of " 公開 " in Chinese (Trad.) Dictionary
Direct results
Chinese (Trad.) » English
公開 {gong1 kai1}
  • {A} open, overt, public
  • {N} publicity
  • {V} know: make known to public, public: make public
Indirect results
Chinese (Trad.) » English
公開化 {gong1 kai1}
  • {V} open: be brought into the open, open: come out into the open
公開地 {gong1 kai1 de5}
  • {ADV} outright
公開指責 {gong1 kai1 zhi3 ze2}
  • {V} denounce
公開的 {gong1 kai1 de5}
  • {A} confessed, outgiving
公開討論會 {gong1 kai1 tao3 lun4 hui4}
  • {N} open forum
公開鑰匙 {gong1 kai1 yao4 shi5}
  • {N} public key in encryption
半公開 {ban4 gong1 kai1}
  • {A} open: more or less open