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Definition of " 優惠 " in Chinese (Trad.) Dictionary
Direct results
Chinese (Trad.) » English
優惠 {you1 hui4}
  • {A} favorable, favourable, preferential
Indirect results
Chinese (Trad.) » English
優惠券 {you1 hui4 quan4}
  • {N} coupon
多次旅行有優惠嗎? {duo1 ci4 lü3 xing2 you3 you1 hui4 ma5}
  • {PHR} multiple: Are there any discount fares for multiple trips?
普遍優惠制 {pu3 bian4 you1 hui4 zhi4}
  • {ABBR} GSP
  • {N} generalized system of preferences, general preferential scheme
有任何優惠嗎? {you3 ren4 he2 you1 hui4 ma5}
  • {PHR} reduced: Is there a reduced fare?