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Definition of "" in Chinese (Simpl.) Dictionary
Direct results
Chinese (Simpl.) » English
  • {A} bad, evil, spoiled, wicked
  • {ADV} awfully
  • {N} badness, evil, evil idea, ill
  • {V} addle, foul, ruin, spoil
Indirect results
Chinese (Simpl.) » English
今天天气很坏。 {jin1 tian1 tian1 qi5 hen3 huai4}
  • {PHR} weather: The weather today is bad.
使 ... 变坏 {shi3 ... bian4 huai4}
  • {V} deprave
冰箱坏了。 {bing1 xiang1 huai4 le5}
  • {PHR} refrigerator: The refrigerator doesn't work., freezer: The freezer is broken.
发条坏了。 {fa1 tiao2 huai4 le5}
  • {PHR} winder: The winder is broken.
变坏 {bian4 huai4}
  • {V} foul
吓坏的 {xia4 huai4 de5}
  • {A} amazed, astonished, astounded, blown, confounded, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, horror-stricken, stunned, terror-stricken, terror-struck, thunderstruck
喇叭坏了。 {la3 ba5 huai4 le5}
  • {PHR} horn: The horn doesn't work.
坏了的 {huai4 liao3 de5}
  • {A} broken
坏事 {huai4 shi4}
  • {N} bad thing, evil, evildoing, malfeasance, misbehavior, misbehaviour, mischief, misconduct, misdeed, misdoing, rascality, roguery, villainy, wrong, wrongdoing
  • {V} ruin
坏人 {huai4 ren2}
  • {N} baddie, bad person, delinquent, evildoer, evil person, hellion, juvenile offender, lawbreaker, malefactor, miscreant, offender, rascal, reprobate, scoundrel, villain, wrongdoer
坏人政府 {huai4 ren2 zheng4 fu3}
  • {N} kakistocracy
坏地 {huai4 de5}
  • {ADV} illy
坏处 {huai4 chu3}
  • {N} damage, deprivation, detriment, disservice, hurt, injury, loss, mischief
  • {V} detriment
坏处 {huai4 chu5}
  • {N} disadvantage, harm
坏天气的 {huai4 tian1 qi4 de5}
  • {A} blowing, blustery, gusty, stormy, windswept, windy
  • {PHR} enter: Do not enter, one way
bu4 de2 jin4 ru4 dan1 xiang4 xing2 shi3 ²
坏心眼 {huai4 xin1 yan3}
  • {N} sourness
坏心眼地 {huai4 xin1 yan3 de5}
  • {ADV} sourly
坏心眼的 {huai4 xin1 yan3 de5}
  • {A} cross, edgy, irascible, irritable, peevish, petulant, snappish, splenetic, testy, touchy
坏心眼的人 {huai4 xin1 yan3 de5 ren2}
  • {N} splenetic