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Definition of " 匿名 " in Chinese (Simpl.) Dictionary
Direct results
Chinese (Simpl.) » English
匿名 {ni4 ming2}
  • {A} anonymous, incognito
  • {N} anonymity, cryptonym, incognito
Indirect results
Chinese (Simpl.) » English
匿名信 {ni4 ming2 xin4}
  • {N} anonymous letter
匿名写的 {ni4 ming2 xie3 de5}
  • {A} poison-pen
匿名写者 {ni4 ming2 xie3 zhe3}
  • {N} poison-pen
匿名地 {ni4 ming2 de5}
  • {ADV} incognito
匿名控告信 {ni4 ming2 kong4 gao4 xin4}
  • {N} anonymous letter of accusation
匿名的 {ni4 ming2 de5}
  • {A} innominate, nameless, pseudonymous
匿名者 {ni4 ming2 zhe3}
  • {N} anonym
您的诊所做匿名爱滋病测试吗? {nin2 de5 zhen3 suo3 zuo4 ni4 ming2 ai4 zi1 bing4 ce4 shi4 ma5}
  • {PHR} AIDS: Does your clinic give anonymous AIDS tests?