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Definition of " abandonné " in French English Dictionary
  • {A} abandoned, deserted, antiquated, derelict, bygone, disused, forlorn, outdated, forsaken, stray, cast-off
être abandonné
  • {V} board: go by the board
  • {N} dereliction
  • {V} desert, discontinue, let go, throw in one's hand, abandon, jilt, jettison, lapse, retire, drop out, let down, go back on, quit, relinquish, surrender, park, retreat, renounce, scrap, bolt, sign away, drop, throw, cast aside, leave out, aside: lay aside, leave, back: turn one's back on, dump, give up, leave off, waive, expose, yield, throw over, fail, disgorge, forsake, chuck, flee, dismiss
  • {V} abort
abandonner ses études
  • {V} drop out of school
personne qui abandonne l'école sans certificat
  • {N} dropout
enfant abandonné
  • {N} waif
étudiant qui a abandonné ses études
  • {N} dropout
personne qui abandonne facilement la partie
  • {N} quitter
terrain abandonné
  • {N} wasteland
terre abandonnée
  • {N} wasteland