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Definition of " 錯 " in Chinese (Trad.) English Dictionary
  • {A} bad, complex, erroneous, interlocked and jagged, intricate, mistaken, poor, wrong
  • {ADV} wrong, wrongly
  • {N} fault, grindstone for polishing jade
  • {V} alignment: be out of alignment, alternate, inlay with gold, misjudge, move out of the way, rub, stagger, way: make way
大錯 {da4 cuo4}
  • {N} blunder
大錯誤 {da4 cuo4 wu4}
  • {N} bumble
小錯 {xiao3 cuo4}
  • {N} oversight
不會錯的 {bu4 hui4 cuo4 de5}
  • {A} unmistakable, unmistakeable
不錯 {bu4 cuo4}
  • {A} bad: not bad, correct, pretty good, right
  • {ADV} orderly
出差錯地 {chu1 cha4 cuo4 de5}
  • {ADV} amiss
叫錯名字 {jiao4 cuo4 ming2 zi5}
  • {V} nickname
犯錯 {fan4 cuo4}
  • {V} err
交錯 {jiao1 cuo4}
  • {A} staggered
  • {V} criss-cross, interlace, interlock
交錯的 {jiao1 cuo4 de5}
  • {A} interlocked
印錯 {yin4 cuo4}
  • {V} misprint
你不會錯過它的。 {ni3 bu4 hui4 cuo4 guo4 ta1 de5}
  • {PHR} miss: You can't miss it.
弄錯 {nong4 cuo4}
  • {V} be off, mistake, mistake: make a mistake
我認為這是您的錯。 {wo3 ren4 wei2 zhe4 shi4 nin2 de5 cuo4}
  • {PHR} fault: I think it was your fault.
我錯過了一次月經。 {wo3 cuo4 guo4 le5 yi2 ci4 yue4 jing1}
  • {PHR} period: I've missed a period.
走錯 {zou3 cuo4}
  • {ADV} astray
那是我的錯。 {na4 shi4 wo3 de5 cuo4}
  • {PHR} fault: That's my fault.
性倒錯 {xing4 dao3 cuo4}
  • {N} transvestism
放錯地方 {fang4 cuo4 di4 fang1}
  • {V} mislay, misplace
易錯 {yi4 cuo4}
  • {N} fallibility
肯定弄錯了。這些不是我的。 {ken3 ding4 nong4 cuo4 le5 zhe4 xie1 bu2 shi4 wo3 de5}
  • {PHR} mistake: There must be a mistake.
信仰錯誤者 {xin4 yang3 cuo4 wu4 zhe3}
  • {N} misbeliever
拼寫錯誤 {pin1 xie3 cuo4 wu4}
  • {N} cacography, spelling mistake
  • {V} misspell
拼錯 {pin1 cuo4}
  • {N} misspelling
  • {V} misspell
挑錯 {tiao1 cuo4}
  • {V} fault: find fault
是我的錯。 {shi4 wo3 de5 cuo4}
  • {PHR} fault: It was my fault.
差錯 {cha1 cuo4}
  • {N} error, failing, mistake, slip
恐怕您錯了。 {kong3 pa4 nin2 cuo4 le5}
  • {PHR} mistaken: I'm afraid you're mistaken.
帳單有錯。 {zhang4 dan1 you3 cuo4}
  • {PHR} bill: Isn't there a mistake in the bill?
您給我弄錯了。 {nin2 gei3 wo3 nong4 cuo4 le5}
  • {PHR} change: You gave me the wrong change.
您錯了。 {nin2 cuo4 le5}
  • {PHR} wrong: You are wrong.