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Definition of " 达 " in Chinese (Simpl.) English Dictionary
  • {A} distinguished, eminent
  • {V} attain, communicate, express, extend, reach, understand thoroughly
巴格达 {ba1 ge2 da2}
  • {A} baghdadian
  • {NPR} Baghdad
把它存入我的万事达卡上。 {ba3 ta1 cun2 ru4 wo3 de5 wan4 shi4 da2 ka3 shang4}
  • {PHR} MasterCard: Put it on my MasterCard.
表达 {biao3 da2}
  • {N} deliverance, expression, utterance
  • {V} convey, deliver, express, externalize, know: make known, present, project, voice, voice: give voice to smth.
表达的 {biao3 da2 de5}
  • {A} expressive
表达地 {biao3 da2 de5}
  • {ADV} expressively
表达式 {biao3 da2 shi4}
  • {N} expression
长达 {chang2 da2}
  • {V} lengthen out to, long: extend as long as
畅达 {chang4 da2}
  • {A} fluent, smooth
传达 {chuan2 da2}
  • {N} janitor
  • {V} communicate, convey, pass on, relay, transmit
传达室 {chuan2 da2 shi4}
  • {N} janitor: janitor's room, reception office
达标 {da2 biao1}
  • {V} reach the standard
达不到 {da2 bu4 dao4}
  • {V} achieve: be unable to achieve, reach: cannot reach
达成 {da2 cheng2}
  • {V} accomplish, agreement: reach an agreement
达到 {da2 dao4}
  • {V} achieve, attain, measure up, reach
达尔文主义 {da2 er3 wen2 zhu3 yi4}
  • {N} Darwinism
达官贵人 {da2 guan1 gui4 ren2}
  • {ABBR} VIP
  • {N} high official
达观 {da2 guan1}
  • {V} thing: take things philosophically
达赖喇嘛 {da2 lai4 la3 ma5}
  • {N} lama: Dalai Lama
达人 {da2 ren2}
  • {N} intelligent person, philosopher
达意 {da2 yi4}
  • {V} convey ideas, express one's ideas
达因 {da2 yin1}
  • {N} dyne
到达 {dao4 da2}
  • {N} arrival
  • {PHR} arrival: Arrivals
  • {V} arrive, compass, get to, reach
到达高点 {dao4 da2 gao1 dian3}
  • {V} peak
到达绝顶 {dao4 da2 jue2 ding3}
  • {V} crest
到达者 {dao4 da2 zhe3}
  • {N} arrival
抵达 {di3 da2}
  • {N} arrival
  • {V} arrive, reach a destination
颠达 {dian1 da5}
  • {V} bustle, joggle, jolt, rush about
发达 {fa1 da2}
  • {A} developed, mature, ripe
  • {ID} tail: with tail in the water
  • {N} developing, development, elaboration, evolution, evolvement, gain, growth, matureness, maturity, outgrowth, progress, rise, upgrowth, uptick
  • {V} advance, develop, evolve, grow, mature, ripen
发达的 {fa1 da2 de5}
  • {A} evolutionary, evolutive
发达国家 {fa1 da2 guo2 jia1}
  • {N} developed country
佛罗里达 {fo2 luo1 li3 da4}
  • {NPR} Florida