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Definition of " 最佳 " in Chinese (Simpl.) English Dictionary
最佳 {zui4 jia1}
  • {A} optimal
  • {N} optimum, peak
哪一条是最佳路线? {na3 yi4 tiao2 shi4 zui4 jia1 lu4 xian4}
  • {PHR} route: Which is the best route?
最佳的 {zui4 jia1 de5}
  • {A} vintage
最佳化 {zui4 zhui1 hua4}
  • {V} maximize
最佳利益 {zui4 jia1 li4 yi4}
  • {N} best interest
最佳漫步地点是哪里? {zui4 jia1 man4 bu4 di4 dian3 shi4 na3 li5}
  • {PHR} stroll: Where is the best place to go for a stroll?