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Definition of " 忍 " in Chinese (Trad.) English Dictionary
  • {V} endure, hard-hearted: be hard-hearted enough, heart: have the heart to smth., put up with, tolerate
不忍 {bu4 ren3}
  • {V} bear: cannot bear, cannot stand
不能忍受的 {bu4 neng2 ren3 shou4 de5}
  • {A} insufferable
不堪忍受 {bu4 kan1 ren3 shou4}
  • {A} unbearable
可容忍 {ke3 rong2 ren3}
  • {A} tolerable
忍受 {ren3 shou4}
  • {V} bear, endure, stand
忍耐 {ren3 nai4}
  • {N} patience, sufferance
  • {V} patience: exercise patience, restrain oneself, restraint: exercise restraint, tolerate
忍氣吞聲 {ren3 qi4 tun1 sheng1}
  • {V} humiliation: submit to humiliation, insult: swallow an insult
忍痛 {ren3 tong4}
  • {ADV} reluctantly
拼命忍住 {pin1 ming4 ren3 zhu4}
  • {V} simmer
容忍 {rong2 ren3}
  • {A} broad-minded, magnanimous, tolerant towards others
  • {N} toleration
  • {V} brook, put up with, tolerate
堅忍不拔 {jian1 ren3 bu4 ba2}
  • {N} fortitude
殘忍 {can2 ren3}
  • {A} bloody, cruel, merciless, ruthless
殘忍的 {can2 ren3 de5}
  • {A} brute, ruffian
無法忍受 {wu2 fa3 ren3 shou4}
  • {A} intolerable
慘不忍睹 {can3 bu4 ren3 du3}
  • {A} horrible: too horrible to look at, tragic: too tragic to look at