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Definition of " 丝 " in Chinese (Simpl.) English Dictionary
  • {A} little: the least, silk, silken, slight: slightest, smallest, trifling
  • {ADV} bit: a bit, hardly, little: a little, slightly
  • {N} si [weight measure unit], silk, silk cloth, silk thread, thread, wire
拔螺丝 {ba2 luo2 si1}
  • {V} unscrew
拔丝 {ba2 si1}
  • {N} floss: candied floss, wiredrawing
拔丝的 {ba2 si1 de5}
  • {A} wiredrawing
保险丝 {bao3 xian3 si1}
  • {N} fuse, fuze
  • {V} fuze
保险丝箱子 {bao3 xian3 si1 xiang1 zi5}
  • {N} fuse box
保险丝箱子在哪里? {bao3 xian3 si1 xiang1 zi5 zai4 na3 li5}
  • {PHR} fuse: Where is the fuse box?
蚕丝 {can2 si1}
  • {N} silk, silk: natural silk
抽成铁丝 {chou1 cheng2 tie3 si1}
  • {V} wiredraw
灯丝 {deng1 si1}
  • {N} filament
斗烟丝 {dou3 yan1 si1}
  • {N} tobacco: pipe tobacco
金属丝 {jin1 shu3 si1}
  • {N} tinsel, wire
金属丝制的 {jin1 shu3 si1 zhi4 de5}
  • {A} wiry
金银丝 {jin1 yin2 si1}
  • {N} purl
凉丝丝 {liang2 si1 si1}
  • {ADV} cool
凉丝丝的 {liang2 si1 si1 de5}
  • {A} coolish
螺丝刀 {luo2 si1 dao1}
  • {N} driver, screwdriver, turn screw
螺丝钉 {luo2 si1 ding1}
  • {N} screw
螺丝锥 {luo2 si1 zhui1}
  • {N} auger, borer, bottle-screw, corkscrew, gimlet, piercer, wimble
摩丝 {mo2 si1}
  • {N} mousse
尼龙丝 {ni2 long2 si1}
  • {N} nylon yarn
您能借我一把螺丝刀吗? {nin2 neng2 jie4 wo3 yi4 ba3 luo2 si1 dao1 ma5}
  • {PHR} screwdriver: Can you lend me a screwdriver?
您能让我看看丝绸领带吗? {nin2 neng2 rang4 wo3 kan4 kan5 si1 chou2 ling3 dai4 ma5}
  • {PHR} tie: Could you show me a selection of silk ties?
喷丝头 {pen1 si1 tou2}
  • {N} spinning jet, spinning nozzle
掐丝 {qia1 si1}
  • {N} filigree, wire inlay
铅丝 {qian1 si1}
  • {N} lead wire
请检查保险丝。 {qing3 jian3 cha2 bao3 xian3 si1}
  • {PHR} fuse: Check the fuses, please.
请用一点摩丝。 {qing3 yong4 yi4 dian3 mo2 si1}
  • {PHR} mousse: Please use mousse.
绒丝带 {rong2 si1 dai4}
  • {N} gimp
生丝 {sheng1 si1}
  • {N} raw silk
丝柏 {si1 bo4}
  • {N} cypress
丝绸 {si1 chou2}
  • {N} silk, silk cloth